Effortless management for distributed teams.

Task management, performance analysis and easy communication in one place.

Share your daily tasks and progress in real-time.

When you start your work, write down the tasks and estimate hours for completion. All that's left is to check what you've finished. Your progress will be shared with your teammates.

It's all designed to keep you motivated.

remonade keeps you motivated and focused on completing your daily tasks.

Improve your team with automated analytics.

If you use remonade, you can easily visualize your daily task progress data. Simply specify the period of time, by day, week, or month. Help your team improve with this new source of data that has been overlooked in the past.

Task Management

Reduce the stress of task management and streamline remote work.

Tag your tasks

You can set up tags within a team and tie them with tasks, allowing you to analyze performance by project or team.

Keep in task pool

Pool the future tasks and your teammates will help.


Support communication between teammates, which is often lacking when working remotely, in a variety of ways.

Express yourself freely

Icons can be selected from uploaded images, in-camera photos, or emojis.

Talk in text chat

One of the biggest enemy of remote working is the feeling of loneliness. Communicate easily with a chat that disappears in 24 hours.

Meet in talk rooms

You can access the video chat with one click. It eliminates the need to create a meeting room and allows for quicker communication.

How was your day?

You can record your daily goals and activities in your daily report to help you and your team.


Automatically visualize everyone's daily progress and bring a new perspective to the way your team works.

User Stats

The analysis of tasks is graphed in real time. It is a great tool for daily monitoring as well as monthly review.

Team Stats

The entire team's stats will also be visualized. Tag-by-tag analysis allows you to understand the performance and cost of each project.