My Stats

In this video, we will show you:

  • how to access your "My stats" section
  • how to select the time period for which you wish to see your stats
  • what is displayed

How to access your "My stats" section

To access your "My stats" section, click the "Stats" icon on the navbar on the left side of the app.

From here, you will be able to see your personal stats as well as the stats for each team you belong to from the stats navbar. For now, let's focus on your stats by clicking "My stats".

Selecting the time period

The stats displayed on your screen are calculated for the last two weeks by default.

This time period can be changed by clicking on the time range at the top of the stats navbar. From the date picker that drops down, first click the start date and then the second date for the new range.

All of your stats will update accordingly.

What is shown

Stats are broken down into your completion rate (what percentage of tasks you mark as completed), number of tasks, and your average task time (this is calculated from your estimate - don't worry, we don't time you!).

The small number to the right of this number shows how much this has increased or decreased compared to the previous time period.

The larger graphs show this data in more detail.

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